LT Inside Out Message 2-16-2017

From: "LT Inside Out" <>
Subject: LT Inside Out Message 2-16-2017
Date: February 16th 2017

The MSD of Lawrence Township is one of the fastest growing school districts in the state.  In this edition of LT Inside Out, Dr. Smith outlines our strategy to allocate resources over the next two years to update facilities and plan staffing to keep student learning at the forefront.

We invite you to read our latest newsletter to stay in the know!  Click here for the February LT Inside Out Newsletter.

Spring Break is March 27 – March 31

If the mild weather continues and we do not have any snow days prior to Spring Break there will be no school on Thursday and Friday, March 23 and 24.

The first day of school after Spring Break is Monday, April 3.


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