LT Inside Out Message - 1-26-2018

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Subject: LT Inside Out Message - 1-26-2018
Date: January 26th 2018

In this edition of LT Inside Out Schools, we begin by reflecting on the achievements of 2017!  Dr. Shawn A. Smith, MSDLT Superintendent, reminds us that our “Journey to Excellence begins with building excellence in everything we do.  We are on a quest to strengthen the solid foundation of our schools.”  Come and join us on the Journey!

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Dates to Remember:

February 16—Snow Make-Up Day for January 12-School is in Session

February 19—Presidents’ Day-No School

February 21—PREP—Making the Most of Middle School, Fall Creek Valley @ 6:30 pm

March 22— Snow Make-Up Day for January 24-School is in Session

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