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April Celebrations Snapshot

Sent April 24th 2017

Please see the attached LT Schools Celebrations Snapshot for April 24, 2017: ...

Lawrence Township Excellence Design Challenge Finalists

Sent March 10th 2017

Please see the attached Press Release on candidates identified to advance in the 2017 Lawrence Township Excellence Design Challenge:  ...

LT Schools Celebration Snapshot - February 27

Sent February 27th 2017

Please see the attached Snapshot:  ...

MSD of Lawrence Township announces the EXCELLENCE DESIGN CHALLENGE

Sent February 3rd 2017

Please see the attached press release: The MSD of Lawrence Township is committed to fostering and rewarding creativity and innovation among its teachers. We are pleased to announce the first annual Excellence Design Challenge in partnership with the Lawrence Township School Foundation.  ...

MCIT receives prestigious Indiana Career & Technical Education Awards

Sent January 23rd 2017

Please see attached for more details:  ...

January LT Celebrations Snapshot

Sent January 23rd 2017

Please see the attached Board of Education Celebrations Snapshot for the month of January:  ...

MSD of Lawrence Township Receives Lilly Endowment Planning Grant

Sent January 20th 2017

Please see the attached press release:  ...

NAESP honors late principal, Susan Jordan

Sent December 20th 2016

Please see the attached media advisory:  ...

LT Good News Message

Sent December 12th 2016

Good morning, Please see the attached December 2016 Board of Education Celebration snapshot. It’s a short month with only one board meeting. Expect a long list in January. Happy Holidays!  ...

LT Schools Celebration Snapshot - October 24

Sent October 24th 2016

Please see attached:  ...

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